1990, The Final Winter

Moscow in winter 1990/91, 73 years after the revolution. The supply has collapsed. Barter economy replaces state monopolism. Everyone mistrusts everyone, one is the other's wolf. Parents send their children to Moscow to steal food. They are picked up by the militia and sent to re-education camps. Mothers of dead conscripts demonstrate against the harassment of superiors and the poor supplies and equipment in the Red Army. A state and its institutions disintegrate. Mikhail Gorbachev loses control of the state. It was the last winter of the USSR.

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124 Pages
21 x 28 cm
72 Duoton plates
Skivertex with tipped in image and embossed title
Text by Michael Kerstgens/English
ISBN: 978-3-941249-19-6
EUR 36

Peperoni-Books, Berlin

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